Just a week…

What a difference a week makes in the North woods. The peak foliage is past now up there and it’s getting relatively cool at night.

Photo from October 7th


Same spot October 12…


On Saturday the 13th we started the day at 34 degrees and it never got above 37 degrees. The birds were everywhere though and we counted at least 40 seen. We’ll not talk about Friday the 12th… the weather was rainy and windy… not a good combination for finding birds.

Get out there and enjoy it while you can!

North Maine Woods – Week 1

Wow, the North Maine Woods was in all her glory this past week. The weather cooperated, for the most part, and the colors were just fantastic.


Abigael (Abby) at our campsite at Leadbetter Falls.


Our first campsite at Leadbetter… a pretty nice view of the North Branch of the Penobscot River!


North Branch of the Penobscot River along the Golden Road looking at Green Mtn.

We ended up moving the trailer to another site at Leadbetter when that opened up. This other site is more private and is right beside the falls.


We saw a few moose, a big deer and about 20 Partridge per day (25 in the last half day we we hunted). Next week I’ll post a video of the trip up there and another of driving around and of some of the other campsites.