Thanksgiving Trip Day 4

We leisurely made our way out of Camping World Racers Resort in Concord, NC on Tuesday morning and headed for Lexington, SC. With blue skies and fair temperatures promised in SC we were eagerly anticipating our destination.

We were warned about some traffic issues on I-20 in Columbia so we decided to plot a back-road route. This ended up being a great decision in the end as the traffic generated by a truck accident and fire on I-20 caused issues into the surrounding areas as drivers were trying to find better ways to reach their destination.

We pulled into Mr. Z’s RV Park around 2pm and setup our site. Ken (Mr. Z) helped us locate our spot and get us situated. He’s very helpful and accommodating!

Hope you enjoy the final leg of our trip down to SC! It was a pretty easy trip down over four days and we’d probably do it in 2 or 3 days next time.

Thanksgiving Trip Day 3

Day three of our trip was a pretty easy drive down to Charlotte area. Technically we headed for Concord, NC and Camping World Racers Resort. This is located at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. We had an easy drive from Lexington, VA down with not too much traffic along the way, making it in about 5 hours. The drive out of the Shenandoah Valley was beautiful.

I took a look at the toilet water issue. There’s definitely something up with the supply line side of the toilet. Pretty tight back there and I’m not real keen on taking that toilet off in the middle of our trip. I decided to wait until we get home to try and sort it out.

We capped the day with dinner at Outback and a trip into Charlotte for the Celtics vs. Hornets.

Tomorrow will be a short hop to Lexington, SC. So we’ll just take our time in the morning and get down to SC in the mid afternoon.

Thanksgiving Trip Day 2

We made the pull to an intermediate stop in Lexington, VA. We’re spending the night at Lee Hi Campground, a small campground attached to a truck stop.

The views to the South at the campground are great with a beautiful sunset on the night we were there.


We discovered a leak in the supply side of the toilet yesterday when we hooked up to city water at the KOA. It only happens when there’s pressure in the water system and the more pressure, the more leak. So if we need the water we use the on-board pump and then release the pressure when done. Needless to say, we used the bath houses at the campgrounds as we’ve been traveling. The bath house at Lee Hi wasn’t particularly good… but other than that, nice little spot for a travel day stop.

I’ll take a look at the leak when we got to Charlotte.

Here’s the video recap of day 2…

South Carolina or Bust… Day 1.


Alright… we were going to try and make it to Cabela’s in Hudson, MA on Friday night but Mother Nature had other plans. Backup plan… Leave at 4am on Saturday morning and get to Hershey, PA. 12 hrs later, we roll into our spot at the KOA in Jonestown, PA.

Then into Hershey for some Christmas cheer at Hershey Park! Man what a long day that was…  Enjoy!

October Recap

Spent a lot of time up in the NMW in October this year. Made lots of great memories with Matt, Dad and Abby. These included Matt’s first bird in the air with a gun his gramps gave him and limiting out on another day using his Pepe’s single shot road gun (got 1 in the air with it too!). Birds were plentiful all but one day with our best day seeing about 40 birds.

FB_IMG_1540124794931 (1)

Abby started the month let’s say with youthful exuberance. After being on close to 100 birds she really started to come around, be cautious and get some great points. Still lots of work to do on steady after flush through to after shot. That’s for the Spring though. After the holidays we’ll do some more with forced fetch… she’s still having trouble there.

Matt and I hauled the camper out on October 26th. Hauling out was an uneventful experience, which we all hope for when we’re towing. I had been a little concerned about some planned bridge work up there at Pittston Farm and Leadbetter would be a major hassle. We only had to go around and across Seeboomook dam one time which adds about an hour of travel time. They finished the bridge work at Leadbetter the day before we pulled out. Kudos to NMW for making it as painless as possible.

The following video has some of the NMW campsites chronicled as well as some of the sights and wildlife we encountered. Hope you enjoy!

Just a week…

What a difference a week makes in the North woods. The peak foliage is past now up there and it’s getting relatively cool at night.

Photo from October 7th


Same spot October 12…


On Saturday the 13th we started the day at 34 degrees and it never got above 37 degrees. The birds were everywhere though and we counted at least 40 seen. We’ll not talk about Friday the 12th… the weather was rainy and windy… not a good combination for finding birds.

Get out there and enjoy it while you can!


Hey everyone, thanks for checking out the our blog! I’m Mike and along with my wife Deb, son Matt and our dogs Buddy and Abigael we’re the RV-Maineiacs.

We’re pretty new to the RV world and figured we’d share our trials and tribulations and some tips along the way.

We actually started last fall with a pop-up camper (a 2007 Viking Legend 2465 ST) for the 2017 Moose Hunt. My Dad, son Matt and I had a ball camping way up in Northern Maine for the Moose Hunt and also for all of October during bird season. The big problem with a pop-up in Northern Maine is apparently that the flies like to get in them. Yea, that was a mess…

We sold the pop-up for a little more than what we had in it and bought a different camper this Spring (a KZ 2405PQS0F) to avoid the whole fly situation up North. It was a little rough around the edges but pretty nice inside. We cleaned it up quite a bit and Deb picked a nice theme for the beds and such.


Around the 4th of July we had our inaugural journey in the KZ to a friends place in Waldoboro, ME. Everything functioned perfectly in the trailer.

Our second trip in the KZ was to Lake St. George State Park in Liberty, ME. We got a great first-come/first-served site right on the water. Again everything worked very well. Matt had one of his buddies come and stay one of the nights.

After that trip, it became pretty apparent that the 24′ KZ was probably going to be a little on the small side with 2 adults, 1 to 2 teenagers and 2 dogs. So I put the KZ up on Craigslist and had it sold the same day.

I found a 2012 Keystone Bullet 281 BHS (bunkhouse) also on Craigslist. These are lightweight and able to be pulled by the Tundra we have.


This size seem to be a good fit for us. We’ve already been on a couple trips with it.

Our first trip was to Two Rivers Campground in Skowhegan, ME. We wanted to see how we liked a typical campground experience. It was a nice campground with a typical mix of people in for the weekend and also a bunch of Seasonal campers.

Our next trip was a shakedown run for October. For Labor Day weekend we towed to the North Maine Woods and went to the Ledbedder Falls campsite. This trip takes about 5 hours (with the last 2 on dirt roads) from our house.

So, the new rig’s working pretty well for us. We’ll leave it up in the North Maine Woods for October and then we’re planning a long trip to South Carolina for the week of Thanksgiving.

In future posts I’ll be sharing some of the things we’ve done to it and our future adventures.